Participating means making an impact, getting involved, feeling involved, becoming committed and being proactive.

At Suara we understand participation as a right for everyone and a responsibility of the members. It is also a tool for sharing people's capabilities, a strategy for generating a sense of belonging, an instrument for partners to feel satisfied with work, a guarantee of legitimacy in decisions, a foundation of the governance model, the drive of renovation and a way of being permanently in Suara.

In a cooperative, people are the priority, not money, and therefore participating is not just a tool to achieve the company’s economic goals. Above all, it is a human right in democratic societies like ours, and a need we have to feel good and to grow as people. Participation is the specific way a cooperative is organized. Managing a cooperative can never be the same as running a commercial business, because democracy and participation must be visible everywhere.

Without participation there is no cooperative.

Take a look at our participation model in this dossier (in Catalan):

Diagnosis of the participation model: Hobest, SCCL

Ideation and coordination: L’Apòstrof, SCCL

Illustration: LaCol Cooperativa

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La Confederació

Suara's participation model received the first La Confederació 2017 award in the Democratic Management category.

This material has been co-financed by the European Social Fund within the framework of thematic objective 8: "Achieve quality training and employment".

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