We are cooperative

As a cooperative, our vision is people-centred, with joint ownership and democratically directed by all members to meet a common goal. We prioritise justice and equality, basing our functioning on cooperative values and principles, and in accordance with the "one person, one vote" rule.

The organizational model of Suara Cooperativa empowers people to achieve their goals collectively, strengthens social and human capital and develops the community.

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As a cooperative we apply the cooperative principles established by the International Cooperative Alliance:

  • Voluntary and Open Membership
  • Democratic Member Control
  • Member Economic Participation
  • Autonomy and Independence
  • Education, Training, and Information
  • Cooperation among Cooperatives
  • Concern for Community
Cooperative model

The cooperative model provides employment to 280 million people worldwide (10% of the global workforce), where there are three million cooperative companies.