The income was € 102,376,545, 7.26% less due to the socioeconomic situation derived from the covid-19

During the year, 234 services were active, serving 35,015 people

The year ended with 4,676 people hired and 1,205 members

Wide support from the General Assembly of Suara Cooperativa held on June 5, 2021 to the management during the year of covid-19, with 97% support. Marked by the pandemic, fiscal year 2020 ended in Suara Cooperativa having served 35,015 people in 234 projects, and the year ended with 4,676 people hired and 1,205 members. In economic matters, in 2020 they closed with operating income of € 102,376,545, a decrease of 7.26% compared to 2019 as a result of the socioeconomic circumstances derived from the covid-19 pandemic. Shareholders' equity registered a slight increase, to € 21,005,153.

The calculation of the integrated social value (the social value beyond the economic impact following the methodology of Dr. José Luis Retolaza from the University of Deusto and his GEAccounting team) leaves a result of € 194,224,107. The amount is lower than the previous year because the calculations have been made with the same methodology as in previous years, but without quantifying the own measures in response to the covid-19 pandemic, considering that they are exceptional and linked to the 2020 financial year.

The accounts and the 2020 report were approved in the Ordinary General Assembly that was held again online with a new success of cooperative participation, with the attendance of 1,000 people. During the event, the Strategic Challenges for the coming years, among others, were also approved.

The success of the General Assembly was possible with the previous work carried out in recent weeks, in which a large team of volunteers and facilitators guaranteed the necessary technological training to be able to make use of the participation and voting tools. The Governing Council spearheaded 22 online preparation spaces to guarantee accompaniment in smaller groups.

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